Whole House Fan Systems by Colorado Home Cooling

QuietCool Whole House Fans
CHC was the first QuietCool dealer in the state, and is proud to offer these great modern whole house fans to our Colorado customers.
We carry traditional whole house fans by Triangle Engineering - these fans are made in the USA and designed to last for decades.
Powered Vent (aka Attic Fan)
Powered Vents (aka Attic Fans) reduce the build-up of superheated air in the attic, and when used in tandem with a whole house fan, provide the most comprehensive home cooling system available.

CHC is a locally-owned small business that specializes in Whole House Fans and Attic Fans.
Since 2003, we have provided the most environmentally sound, practical and energy-efficient solutions for cooling your home
in the high and dry Colorado climate.

Call, email or visit our showroom today to learn how to cool your home for pennies per hour!

Please see our Reviews and Awardswe are very proud of our work and customer service. 

To start the process of creating an estimate for a whole house fan system, see our Estimate Form.

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