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VELUX Sun Tunnels are the most cost effective way to bring natural, mood boosting light into your home at a fraction of the cost of a skylight

Our VELUX Sun Tunnels and solar powered ventilators qualify for a 26% Federal Tax Credit this year...don't miss your opportunity to cash in on this rapidly-disappearing home improvement savings

through end of 2020

Solar-powered ventilators rid your attic of humidity and hot air, offering the greenest solution to cool and preserve your attic space

CHC is committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees.  Our installation teams of our employees carry two different types of respirators, wear latex gloves and shoe covers, and are offered paid sick leave when needed.
Please contact us to learn other ways we are reducing the spread of Coronavirus by continuing to safely install home ventilation systems.  We are committed to our nation’s efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Considering ways to improve indoor air quality, prevent viral spread, avoid AC replacement or repair, save on energy bills, remove home odors, or make a smart home improvement?  We can do all of these things in just a few hours.

why a whole house fan?

Improve air quality and health

The EPA reports indoor air is 2-5x less clean than outside air, even in some smoggy cities.  In minutes, expel stale, hot, humid air where germs and viruses breed.  This can keep your family more healthy and happy.

Be green

With reduced energy consumption, your home is greener and closer to net zero.  With lower energy demand, you contribute less carbon emissions and rooftop solar is in reach!

Instant relief from heat

Open a window, flip the switch, and your home begins cooling immediately with full, cool air exchanged in just 3-4 minutes.

Release super-heated 150° from your attic so your entire home cools efficiently!

Save money in many ways

Whole House Fans have been proven to reduce AC energy consumption by as much as 90% and extend AC unit and roof life.  A good ventilation system pays for itself in as little as two summers.

Why CHC?

CHC is a locally-owned small business that specializes in whole house fans, attic fans and attic ventilation. We have provided the most environmentally sound, practical and energy-efficient solutions for cooling your home since 2003.

In addition to providing fantastic cooling performance, whole house fans are the best way to improve the air quality inside your home, removing germs, toxics, allergens and VOCs from your living areas.

By carrying multiple brands, having full ventilation services, and working with plaster, we pride ourselves on finding the right solution for your home.

30+ years experience

As a Platinum Dealer for QuietCool Colorado Home Cooling is the longest-running QC installer, trusted by over 4,500 satisfied customers.

our employees

All installers are our employees--insured, trained, and dedicated to  your satisfaction.

install in one visit

We provide a detailed, valid quote based on your home's details and will conveniently install in just one visit.


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