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Colorado Home Cooling & Daylighting

Providing Whole House Fan and Sun Tunnel Installations Since 2003!

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Home Ventilation & Daylighting Solutions

Whole House Fans create a cool, healthy indoor environment for a fraction of the cost of air conditioning

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Sun Tunnels bring all natural daylight to offices, closets hallways and other dark spaces in your home

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Solar attic fans are eligible for a 26% federal tax credit while increasing home efficiency 

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We are committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees. All our installers carry two different types of respirators, wear latex gloves and shoe covers during every project, and receive paid sick leave whenever needed.

Contact Us to learn more about how we are helping reduce the spread of Coronavirus while continuing to safely install home ventilation and daylight systems.

Improve your indoor air quality and comfort, prevent viral spread, and make your home ventilation system more efficient today!

Solar Powered Savings!

Choosing one solar power attic fan over multiple passive vents can save you $100s on your installation AND earn a 26% Federal Tax Credit!

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Home Cooling & Daylighting Bundles

Save Up to $1,100!

Take advantage of more savings by bundling your QuietCool Whole House fan, home ventilation, and daylighting products! From essential home ventilation and Sun Tunnel systems to complete home health packages, our bundles are built to maximize savings on all of your healthy home solutions.

Home Cooling & Daylighting Bundles

• Essential Home Cooling

• QC Zoned System 

• Total Home Cooling

• Essential Daylighting

• The Solar Set
• Essential Air & Light

• Complete Healthy Home


Why Choose A Whole House Fan

Improve Air Quality

The EPA reports indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outside air, even in smoggy cities! Whole house fans quickly expel stale, humid air where germs and viruses breed, creating a healthy and comfortable home environment.

Be Green

Whole house fans are among the most energy-efficient home appliances available — making your AC unit more efficient too! With lower energy demand, carbon emissions, and solar offerings your home is greener and much closer to net-zero.

Beat The Heat

Open a window, flip the switch and your house fan begins cooling your home immediately. Whole House Fans replace super-heated air from your attic and living spaces with a crisp, cool breeze. Experience complete air exchanges every 3-4 minutes!

Save More Money

Cut your home cooling costs by up to 90% during the summer months! Whole house fans cool your home for pennies an hour, and offer a return on your investment in as little as 1 day. Solar-equipped systems can qualify for a 26% federal tax credit.

Colorado's Whole House Fan Installer

The CHCD Difference
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QuietCool Colorado indoor air ventilatio

"This is the second whole house fan I have gotten from CHCD. The customer support is second to none. I highly recommend the product and company."  

— Dan, Homeowner

QuietCool Colorado indoor air ventilatio

"CHCD did a fantastic job installing our QuietCool fan system. I would recommend this company to anyone considering a whole house fan." 

— Ryan, Homeowner

About Colorado Home Cooling & Daylighting

Our Story

Colorado Home Cooling & Daylighting is a local, veteran-owned small business specializing in whole house fan installation, attic fans and home ventilation, Sun Tunnels, and skylight replacement. Proudly serving Denver, Colorado Springs and more, we provide the most eco-friendly and cost-effective home ventilation and daylighting solutions in Colorado!

We pride ourselves on delivering an un-matched customer service experience — check out our reviews! From pricing to install, our team is dedicated to earning your trust and finding the best home cooling and daylighting solutions for your home, no matter what!

As Colorado's top-rated whole house fan and Sun Tunnel installer, we offer a variety of Triangle and QuietCool Whole House fans, attic fans, and VELUX Sun Tunnel products.

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Decades Of

We are Colorado's longest-running QuietCool Platinum Dealer and VELUX 5-Star specialists, with thousands of satisfied customers.

The Home Team

Our installers are fully insured, trained, and dedicated to customer satisfaction — no independent contractors. We treat your home with care and respect you deserve.

One Visit

We provide a quote you can trust based on your home's specific needs and complete your install in a single visit.


We're proud of our service to our community here and abroad. From overseas to your home we set the standard in service.

We Set the Standard in Customer Satisfaction!

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13 years!

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Serving Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Communities All Along The Front Range!