QuietCool whole house fan indoor airflow

Whole House
Fan System

Complete your whole house fan system with great accessories designed for more convenience and energy savings.

Interior Airflow Vents

Increase airflow between the rooms in your home and the main location of your fan with additional airflow vents.


These vents promote privacy by allowing you to close your interior doors while maintaining the cooling effects of your system.


Interior airflow options:

  • Basic vents - sizes vary, and provide the most airflow

  • In-door vents - promote airflow with low ceilings or no shared walls

  • Baffled vents - allow airflow, reduce sound transfer, increase room privacy


Winterization Inserts

winter insert Andrew

Reduce noise from pressure changes in windy conditions and prevent heat loss in the winter with a whole house fan insulation insert.


Insulated Winter inserts are easy to install and designed to create an airtight seal around your whole house fan during the cold season.

Winter insert options:

  • Customized foam inserts (increase insulation value from R-5 to R-11) for QuietCool Stealth/Trident Pro whole house fans.

Nest Smart Thermostats

Let your home learn from your habits, preferences, and behaviors to automatically manage your home heating and cooling with a Nest smart Thermostat. Take control of your home comfort from any room in your home or on the go with the Nest mobile app!

Studies show the smart thermostats saved an average of 10% to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling.

*Nest smart thermostats are not compatible with your whole house fan system but can be used to monitor air conditioning usage


Automatic Thermostat Control


Optimize your home ventilation system with optional thermostat controller and prolong the life of your attic fans.


Thermostat controllers attach to your attic fan motor, turning it on when the temperature in your attic reaches approximately 80°F. The thermal switch turns the motor off when the temperature in the attic reaches 70°F.


Running your attic ventilation system when temperatures spike during the summer will make your home cooling system much more efficient. During the winter months, an automated system will reduce humidity and moisture buildup in your attic during warm days, improving indoor air quality and prolonging the life of your roof.