completing your fan system

While we are in your home, let us improve your existing whole house fan system with great improvements for convenience and energy savings

interior airflow vents

Allow airflow between various rooms and the main location of your fan

Promotes privacy and allows you to close your door at night without sacrificing the cooling effects of your fan


Three options:

  • Basic vents allow great airflow, have varying sizes, and can provide the most airflow

  • In-door vents promote airflow with low ceilings or no shared walls

  • Advanced, baffled vents allow airflow and reduce sound transfer, protecting privacy


winterized inserts


Prevent heat loss in the winter by easily installing a winter insulation insert in your whole house fan.  Designed for a solid airtight seal and reduced thermal transfer, these upgrades allow you to winterize your whole house fan without climbing into the attic.

For QuietCool fans, vacuum-packed insulated foam increases the total damper box insulation value from R-5 to R-45.

For Triangle fans, our custom-designed shutter cover affixes to your fan from below.  Using lightweight materials with a total of R-9 insulation value, this winter addition will significantly reduce heat loss through the shutter.

nest learning thermostats

This smart thermostat learns from your habits, preferences, and behaviors to automatically manage your home heating or air conditioning.  You can also control it from your phone...from bed or the office.

Two independent tests in 41 states showed the Nest Thermostat saved 10% to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling.

While your whole house fan isn't compatible with smart thermostats yet, what's really fun is using your Nest system to show how much less your whole house fan reduces your air conditioning usage!