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Attic Fans

Gable Fans &

Power Vents

Attic fans, gable fans, and power vents play a crucial role in home ventilation by releasing the hot, stagnant air stuck in your attic during the summer months, and lingering moisture that can lead to mold during winter. With solar-power and traditional models available, these attic fans and vents optimize your home cooling effects, whether in a garage or space without a contained attic, or working in tandem with a whole house fan or air conditioning system.

Solar Powered Savings!

Choosing one solar power attic fan over multiple passive vents can save you $100s on your installation AND earn you a 26% Federal Tax Credit! 

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Home Ventilation Benefits

Remove Winter

During winter your attic vents:

  • Remove excess humidity from indoor spaces

  • Prevent leaks and structural decay caused by ice buildup on your roof

  • Protect insulation and framing materials from moisture accumulation 

  • Fight weakening of internal structures caused by mold and fungal growth

Beat Summer

During summer your attic vents:

  • Expel superheated air from your attic space

  • Promote better cooling effects inside and on the surfaces of your home

  • Protect shingles, roofing,
    insulation and ducts from heat 

  • Cut A/C related energy costs dramatically and make your home more efficient

Solar Attic Fans and Gable Fans

Standard Solar Attic Fan

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Tried and true

Solar Attic Fans can provide 800 or 1,820 cubic feet per minute of airflow when gathering peak sunlight. A cost-effective solution, these fans run anytime in direct sunlight.

Solar Gable

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Discreet alternative

Standard solar gable fans leverage existing gable vents to provide 800-1600 cubic feet per minute of airflow during peak hours of sunshine. These carry a 10-year manufacturer warranty. 

Remington Solar Attic Fan

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Premium option

Our American-made roof-mounted solar fans use whisper-quiet ECM motors, move 1,420 cfm of airflow, and include a lifetime warranty to the homeowner.  


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Daytime Solar

AC/DC Inverters allow your Solar Attic Fan to transition from solar power to electric power as soon as the sun goes down. This innovative solution keeps your attic and home cool 24/7.

QuietCool Solar Gable Fan

The powerhouse

These powerful fans provide up to 1,486 cubic feet of airflow per minute. In many cases, we can install a gable in your existing wall, perfect for tile roofs or limited rooftop space.

Up to $1,100 OFF Your Installation!

Save up to $1,100 on your installation when you bundle home cooling and daylighting products!

Why Choose Solar Attic Fans


Increased Efficiency

Solar fans increase the efficacy of your home cooling systems without tapping into the power grid.



Using a sustainable power source solar attic fans provide the same benefits as other hard-wire attic fans and vents.


More Savings

Solar fans may qualify for a 26% Federal Tax Credit, putting even more money back into your pocket.

Your Solar-powered fans and vents can qualify for a 26% federal tax credit when purchased and installed before midnight, December 31, 2021!

Know Your Attic Fans

Power vents, gable and attic fans are essentially the same thing, providing identical benefits to your whole house system. 

The main difference between them is the location. A Power vent is installed in an over-sized steel roof vent while a gable fan is installed behind an existing vent on the vertical wall in your attic.


These fans and vents are controlled by a thermostat to expel hot air from your attic space and create the most efficient whole house fan system.

Power vents, attic and gable fans can also cut energy-related costs when used in conjunction with air conditioning or evaporative cooling systems, and prolong the lifespan of your roof.