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We are Colorado's top-rated attic fan installer. Attic fans and vents are crucial to creating the most energy efficient home cooling systems, reducing energy costs and improving air quality year-round.

Attic Ventilation Fans

Beat The Summer Heat

Attic fans, gable fans, and power vents play a crucial role in better attic ventilation by releasing the hot, stagnant air trapped against your roof during the summer months.

Cut home energy costs, improve indoor air quality and extend the lifespan of your roof with a Colorado attic fan installation from the top-rated local installer!

During the summer, attic fans and vents:

  • Ventilate your attic automatically by expelling superheated air trapped inside your home

  • Promote better home cooling effects by maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout your home

  • Protect shingles, roofing, insulation and ducts from heat-related damage

  • Reduce the strain on existing home cooling systems and cut A/C related energy costs by up to 90%

Prevent Winter Moisture

Attic fans and vents protect your home year-round by automatically maintaining optimal attic ventilation during the winter months.

Protect your roof and insulation from mold-causing moisture build up and avoid costly future repairs with an attic fan installation today! 

During the winter, attic fans and vents:

  • Automatically remove excess humidity and moisture in your attic to prevent mold

  • Protect your roof from leaks and structural decay caused by ice-damming

  • Prevent moisture accumulation from damaging insulation and structural materials  

  • Fight weakening of internal structures caused by mold and fungal growth

Attic Fan Installation

We are Colorado's longest-running and top-rated attic fan installation experts, providing next installs, free quotes and unmatched customer service since 2003!

Solar Powered Savings!

Adding one solar power attic fan over multiple passive vents can save you $100s on your installation AND earn a 26% Federal Tax Credit!

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Solar Attic Fans and Gable Fans

QuietCool Solar Attic Fans

QuietCool Solar Attic Fan.jpg

Tried and true

QuietCool solar attic fans provide up to 1,820 cubic feet per minute of airflow under peak sunlight. A cost-effective solution, these quiet, cool fans run anytime in direct sunlight.

Standard Solar Gable Fans

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Discreet alternative

Standard solar gable fans leverage existing gable vents to provide up to1600 cfm of airflow during peak daylight hours. Solar gable fans come with a manufacturer warranty.

Remington Solar Attic Fans

Remington solar attic fan.jpg

Premium option

Remington's American-made roof-mounted solar fans use whisper-quiet ECM motors, move 1,420 cfm of airflow, and include a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  

Attic Fan Solar

QuietCool solar attic fan inverter.jpg

Daytime Solar

QuietCool's solar attic fan Inverters allow your  attic fan to transition from solar power to electric power as soon as the sun goes down. Offering better attic ventilation rain or shine, 24 hours per day.

QuietCool Solar Gable Fan

The powerhouse

QuietCool solar gable fans provide up to 1,486 cfm of airflow. Solar gable fans can be installed in an existing vent inside your attic, perfect for tile roofs or homes with limited rooftop space.

Up to $1,100 OFF Your Attic Fan Installation!

Save up to $1,100 on your attic fan installation when you bundle home cooling and daylighting products!

Why Choose Solar Attic Fans


Increased Efficiency

Solar attic fans reduce strain on your home cooling systems without tapping into the power grid.



Using a sustainable power source solar attic fans provide the same benefits as other hard-wire attic fans and vents.


More Savings

Solar attic fans qualify for a 26% Federal Tax Credit, putting even more money back into your pocket.

Choosing The Best Attic Fan

 Attic fans come in a variety of makes and models. Choosing the best attic fan for your home depends on the amount of airflow needed to optimize your attic ventilation system, existing vents, and the location of the fan installation.


Power vents, gable fans and attic fans are essentially the same thing — the main difference is where the fan is installed. Power vents are installed on top of your roof, while gable fans are installed behind an existing vent inside your attic.


Standard attic fans are controlled by a thermostat to automatically expel hot air from your attic space, creating the most efficient whole house fan system.

All Colorado Home Cooling attic fans are in stock and available for installation as early as the next day!  


Colorado's Attic Fan Installer

The CHCD Difference
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"CHCD installed a gable fan in my house. Outstanding right from arranging the service, to appointment, to the installation itself. I highly recommend them!"  

— Angelo, Homeowner

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"CHCD did a professional top-notch job on our attic fan install! All these positive reviews are dead-on, thanks guys. Looking forward to July and August now!" 

— Brian, Homeowner