The simplicity and benefits of a whole house fan and full home ventilation system prove why you need one in your home.

how it works

Anytime the air temperature is cooler outside than inside your home or attic, do the following:

1 Open a few windows 4-6 inches

2 Turn on your whole house fan using the switch or portable remote and timer

3 Feel the nice, cool breeze as air passes through to the attic and fresh air replaces stale, trapped air

4 Experience a complete exchange of all the air in your home in just 3-4 minutes

5 If you have proper ventilation, save energy as warm air passes right out of your attic, allowing the entire home to stay cool for hours

While some choose to benefit from a good fan in the morning and evening, because of Colorado's cool, dry climate, you can use your whole house fan and ventilation system even in the peak of the day almost year-round.  

enjoy these benefits