The simplicity and benefits of a whole house fan and full home ventilation system prove why you need one in your home.

how it works

Anytime the air temperature is cooler outside than inside your home or attic, do the following:

1 Open a few windows 4-6 inches

2 Turn on your whole house fan using the switch or portable remote and timer

3 Feel the nice, cool breeze as air passes through to the attic and fresh air replaces stale, trapped air

4 Experience a complete exchange of all the air in your home in just 3-4 minutes

5 If you have proper ventilation, save energy as warm air passes right out of your attic, allowing the entire home to stay cool for hours

While some choose to benefit from a good fan in the morning and evening, because of Colorado's cool, dry climate, you can use your whole house fan and ventilation system even in the peak of the day almost year-round.  

enjoy these benefits 

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Feel instant relief from heat

Unlike AC, which just recycles and cools the ambient air, a whole house fan will replace the hot air immediately with cool air. Your system will cycle the entire volume of your home each 3-4 minutes.

Save on your energy bill

AC can cost up to $1.00 to run each hour, depending on the size of your home. A whole house fan costs $.07-.09 per hour. That's how you save 90%. Please reach out to us for a better estimate of your annual savings and the payback time on this wise home investment.

Extend the life of your AC unit

AC units can cost upwards of $20,000 for a home. If you run it half as long, you may double its life. Send us a note or give us a call and we can help you understand the long-term savings potential of a whole house fan and ventilation system.

Save your roof!

The number one cause for premature aging and replacement of asphalt shingles is overheating from the sun (unless it's hailing outside). Furthermore, a humid attic can cause the wood to warp and weaken. A good ventilation system pushes out the hot, humid air and cools your roof from below, extending the life of both shingles and structure significantly.

Get rid of odors and stale air

With the ability to exchange all stale air for fresh air in moments, you can rid your home of burnt popcorn, smoke, foul odors, or general stale air exponentially faster than your closed-loop AC system.

Push out the germs

We all know humid, stagnant air breeds germs and increases illness. A good ventilation system will provide the perfect means to combat illnesses and respiratory discomfort. See our other information about how health organizations view home ventilation.

Experience Thermal Mass Cooling

Ever stood next to the AC vent or hung out in the coolest room? That's because the cooling is concentrated. Thermal Mass Cooling occurs when a whole house fan floods the entire home with cool air, picking up and expelling warmer air while leaving everything else cooler...from countertops to walls to everything else. This allows your home to stay cooler far longer than an AC unit, which just cools ambient air, for less than 10% of the cost!