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Modern, Powerful and Quiet - QuietCool Whole House Fans

QuietCool Whole House Fans are modern, move a large volume of air, quiet,
occupy a small footprint in the ceiling, and are easily insulated in the winter.

QC Grill in the Ceiling

QC intake grills look very nice, finished and professional in the ceiling.
There are no moving parts visible unless you are directly underneath it looking straight up.
The internal doors insulate to R-5 with the option of an additional insulation insert.

QuietCool Controls

QC controls are mounted on the wall and consist of a timer and speed switch.
They allow you to direct the amount of time the fan runs and airflow.

Traditional Whole House Fans

Traditional whole house fans move a large quantity of air through the home.
They are efficient, quiet, easily serviceable, and designed to last for decades.

Premium Shutter for a Traditional Whole House Fan

We only use premium shutters with our traditional whole house fans.
These shutters are made of powder-coated aluminum and the louvers move together on a linkage.
They are adjustable and provide years of quiet and smooth operation.

Controls for a Traditional Whole House Fan

Every whole house fan that we install comes with a controls that include both a hi/lo switch and a 12 hour timer.
This timer can be manual or electronic - the choice is yours. Shown here is a manual timer.

Attic Ventilation

It is critical that the ventilation in the attic matches the airflow of the whole house fan.
The easiest way to achieve the necessary ventilation for a large-volume whole house fan is to install oversize roof vents.
These all-metal vents can be painted to match the roof, and provide a lifetime of quality ventilation.

Soffit Venting

For homes with tile or metal roofs, we can add oversize soffit vents to provide the ventilation necessary
for the whole house system to work properly.

Power Vent (aka Attic Fan)

Power Vents are controlled by a thermostat and pull super-heated air out of the attic.
A PV can be installed on its own, or combined with a whole house fan to create the most comprehensive home cooling system available.

QC Smart Gable Fan

QuietCool’s amazing new Smart Gable Fan – it uses an efficient variable speed motor that works with the thermostat/humidistat – so the fan runs faster when it’s hotter in the attic, and turns on if the humidity level in the attic is over 60%.

CHC Showroom

Please contact us to schedule an appointment in our showroom to see, hear and feel the fans in action.
We have both traditional and QuietCool whole house fans installed,
so you can compare the options and choose the best fan system for your home.

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