The Best A/C Alternative Is A Whole House Fan, Here's Proof

Thermostat readout showing a dramatic decline in A/C usage over the span of 6 days.
Maggie from Colorado has seen a HUGE decrease in her A/C dependency since Colorado Home Cooling & Daylighting installed her whole house fan.

Air conditioning alternatives come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each claiming to be the best at keeping you cool and saving you money. Cost savings are great, but it's hard to match the convenience and powerful cooling effects air conditioners provide, especially if you're used to central air. More often than not you're left with an A/C alternative that's saving you some money but lacks the cooling effects needed to keep you comfortable during hot summer weather, or abandoning your search for a true A/C alternative all together.

Fear not! There is a true A/C alternative capable of slashing your A/C dependency while cooling your home from top to bottom, all for pennies an hour. Whole house fans are among the most energy efficient home cooling systems available on the market today, saving customers up to 50-90% on A/C related home energy costs and delivering exceptional home cooling results at the same time.

We asked our customers to share the cost-saving benefits they've seen since installing their whole house fan, and the proof is in the numbers!