Cheap and Easy Ways to Create a Healthy, Comfortable Home

Updated: May 27

Indoor air quality, or the lack thereof, had something of a banner year in 2020. Never has there been such a focus on the importance healthy indoor spaces, going as far as closing public buildings workplaces and small businesses in fear of what's in the air outside your own home.

The concern is valid: the Environmental Protection Agency estimates indoor air contains 2-5 times more pollutants like viruses, dust and allergens than outside air. Stuffy public spaces are one thing, but the same stagnant, unhealthy air gets trapped in your own home, too, settling on surfaces and recirculating. It's scary — and gross — to think about what could be floating in the air inside own home!

Luckily, other than wearing masks and considering life in plastic bubbles, there are some cheap and easy ways to improve indoor air quality:

Keep it c