How To Winterize Your Whole House Fan

Updated: Oct 18

Another hot summer behind us and the first freeze is right around the corner — it's time to think about insulating your whole house fan for the winter. Winterizing your whole house fan is an easy yet important step in keeping the warm air inside, and the cold air outside, and maintaining energy efficient home throughout the fall and winter months.

Without insulation, warm air can escape from your living space through your fan vents, shutters, or damper box (depending on what type of fan you have) and gets trapped inside your attic. This type of heat loss, also known as thermal transfer, makes your furnace and other heating systems work a lot harder to maintain optimal temperatures in your house, which of course leads to higher energy costs. And the hot air that escapes into your attic? That creates a whole other mess of problems ranging from mold and moisture buildup to structural damage to your roof. Again, very expensive.