Lower Your Utility Bill Once and for All

Updated: May 27

Utility bills are on the rise and Colorado homeowners are bracing for what could amount to HUNDREDS in recurring charges. Utility providers across the state began announcing price hikes after distribution interruptions and an unseasonably long winter caused a dramatic spike in natural gas prices. Now, Colorado's Public Utility Commission is investigating the surcharges while the Governor is demanding consumers not be asked to shoulder extra costs. In the meantime, customers can expect increases of up to $300+ over the next 12-14 months, and that's on top of the usual price hikes associated with summer air conditioning costs.


While living completely "off the the grid" isn't a reality for most of us, paying closer attention to your annual usage and making small, every day changes can reduce your overall energy demand. Don't settle for higher costs and take control of your monthly bill once and for all with these easy, affordable — even free! — energy-efficient solutions:

Find your baseline

Compare your most recent utility bills to the same time period last year — focusing on peak summer and winter