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QuietCool Colorado Springs


Colorado Home Cooling

QuietCool Colorado Springs whole house fans are among the most energy efficient and cost-effective home cooling systems, earning a 98% customer satisfaction rating. All QC Colorado Springs fans are American-made, require little to no maintenance, and come with a warranty from the manufacturer. We are Colorado Springs' top-rated QuietCool attic fan installers, earning Platinum Dealer designation for our un-matched customer service and expertise.

Colorado Springs Whole House Fans

Stealth Pro Series

QC Stealth Pro whisper quiet fans bring a sleek design, patented technology, and the most energy efficient motor to your home cooling system.

QC Colorado ducted house fans offer a smooth installation process while delivering powerful cooling effects day and night.

QuietCool Stealth Pro Series​

• Available in various sizes

• 3-Speed Electronically Commutated Motor

• 66.7 watts to 725 watts (depending on the model)

• 1,479 CFM to 6,996 CFM (depending on the model

• 15-year manufacturer warranty


Trident Pro Series

QC Trident Pro fans provide the most powerful home cooling solution with maximum indoor airflow with an energy efficient, ultra-quiet fan motor.

Delivering the quickest return on investment, Trident Pro ducted house fans tout a patented design, robust airflow and superior home cooling effects.

QuietCool Trident Pro Series​

• Available in various sizes

• Removable grill and optional R-40 insulation insert

• 2-Speed Permanent Split Capacitor Motor

• 115 watts to 1,147 watts (depending on model)

• 1,498 CFM to 7,015 CFM (depending on model)

• 15-year manufacturer warranty

Why Choose QuietCool Colorado Springs


All QC Colorado fans are American-made and come with an industry-leading manufacturer warranty.

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Customer Satisfaction

QuietCool whole house fans have earned a 98% satisfaction rating from thousands of customers! 

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Variable Systems

With independent controls and smaller fans, QC is ideal to cool individual rooms and the entire house.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient QuietCool fans are among the best way to cool your home, according to the DoE.

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Colorado Springs Attic Fan Installer

Colorado Home Cooling & Daylighting is CO's highest-rated and longest-running QuietCool whole house fan installer. A proud veteran-owned and family operated local business since 2003. Our success is based on customer satisfaction and we strive to deliver an un-matched customer service experience. From pricing to install, our team is dedicated to earning your trust and finding the best home cooling and daylighting solutions for your home, no matter what!

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QuietCool Colorado Springs Reviews

air ventilation through a clean white kitchen

"... As good as it gets - seriously. The work they do is great, and everyone is really professional from the quote to install and clean up."  

— Ben, Colorado Springs

air ventilation through a clean white living room

"CHCD has been great from start to finish. They did a great job on the install. It looks clean and works great. I highly recommend this company to anyone!" 

— Scott, Colorado Springs

Whole House Fan Installation

Fan Unit

The house fan is installed in your attic, away from the ceiling to reduce noise while in use.


The control panel is installed on a convenient interior location, with remote control options, too.

quietcool house fan control panel on wall

The interior vent is installed to optimize indoor airflow. A discrete vent screen covers the fan grill.

Choosing The Right QuietCool Fan

QC Colorado Springs attic fans and vents are available in a variety of makes and models to suit your unique home!
To determine the best cool, quiet fan for your home, find the size of your home (as measured in above ground sq-ft.) in the following table. Also note recommended airflow and the required net free vent area.

QuietCool Colorado Springs spec table co

*For larger homes, QuietCool recommends creating a Zoned System by installing multiple fans.