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CHC is a customer service focused, friendly, and professional company. I would recommend them to anyone looking to cool your home without the expense of installing an expensive AC unit.
Colorado Springs 80911 (30" fan, 5 vents)
Colorado Home Cooling did a fantastic job! They were very conscientious. I experienced absolutely no hassle whatsoever, and I would highly recommend their service. Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Golden 80401 (Insulation)
I compared several companies and fans. I elected to go with CHC as I wanted an efficient fan and a fast air exchange time. During the course of deciding which company to go with, Lee, Kristen or Heather at CHC always returned my emails or telephone calls and answered all questions to my complete satisfaction. Due to unforeseen traffic issues, Jordan and Fred were running late. I received a call before they were supposed to be here that they would be delayed by about 15 minutes. They showed up within that time frame and apologized again for being late. We discussed where I wanted the fan in the house as well as the best placement for the switches. They told me that I did not need four roof vents installed (which is what my bid was for) since I already had turbines. That I needed a minimum of two but three would make the fan more efficient. I went with three. Then they went to work. Within a few hours the work was completed. They cleaned up the work area and then showed me how to work the system. The original timer was a cheap looking gray plastic one, but since all my switches are white, that is what they installed. The vent is exactly where I wanted it as are timer and hi/low switch. Jordan and Fred impressed me with their work ethic. There was no swearing, cell phones usage, cigarette smoking or any confusion on what they were doing. They were polite and knowledgeable in what they were doing. Since the installation, we’ve had some questions and concerns. The first time Jordan came out and adjusted the louvers. When they did not appear to be closing tightly, Ryan came out and looked at them. He gave me some additional information about the louvers that completely satisfied my concerns. Both times they addressed my concerns as if it were their own homes. I would recommend them to anyone. PROS: Promptly returned all telephone calls and emails, cost was under bid, professionalism CONS: Not a one REGRETS: That we didn't do it years ago. Love a cooler house at night without the cost of AC Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Aurora 80013 (30” fan, 3 vents)
The Colorado Home Cooling team blew cellulose insulation into our upper and lower attics (1176 square feet total) to bring us up to R-50, insulated the vertical walls separating the two attics (using vinyl-backed R-11 fiberglass batt), performed air sealing, installed a new bathroom fan, and performed all appropriate prep and clean-up work for all of the preceding tasks. Colorado Home Cooling did a great job on our attic insulation. Ryan Starr, the owner, was punctual, thorough, professional, organized, and courteous when he came to our residence to give us an estimate. He listened to all of our questions and answered them effectively. He also gave us detailed rebate and tax credit information. He was also very prompt to reply to some follow-up questions we had when we were comparing a few companies. Once we decided to go with CHC, Ryan and his team (Craig, Homer, and Jordan) were again punctual, thorough, professional, organized, and courteous when they came to our residence to do the attic insulation work. Ryan also had the rebate paperwork ready to go when we wrapped up the project. We appreciate the great work CHC did and how easy they made it for us, and we are already noticing an improvement in the heating of our home. Thanks, Ryan and team!
Littleton 80123 (Insulation)
I purchased a high-end house fan on my own and needed help with installation. I called and talked to Lee who was very personable and pleasant. He originally quoted me $550 for install, but later called and said he needed to add $100 since I didn't buy the equipment from him. That's fine, I understand install subsidies for purchasing equipment. The install was scheduled for the very next day, which made me very happy! Jordan and Homer showed up to do the install. They were both VERY professional--in fact they didn't hardly talk to each other at all during the job. Usually when two young guys show up to do work I'm exposed to all kinds of off-color stories and conversation between them...but not this time. They were polite and respectful--very nice to work with. They both gave me tips on how to effectively run the fan. I'm very pleased with this company! Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Littleton 80126 (QuietCool 4500 fan)
Company had respectful and helpful email conversations. They were able to do a good estimate over email as long as you can answer a couple of questions about your house. Their price was better than another place I checked with for (supposedly) a stronger fan that was better suited to my home. Installers were EXTREMELY professional, pleasant and good with my 18-month old daughter who kept wanting to talk to them. They have my full support and I'm not particularly easy to impress and don't like giving people "A"s. 🙂
Aurora 80014 (30” fan, 5 vents)
Ryan, Just wanted to tell you the great job your employee Jordan did on the fan. He was professional, courteous and extremely concerned with leaving the home as clean if not cleaner than he found it. We do not always find skilled tradesmen with his talent and professionalism combined. Not a tough day to make the house cool but we can already feel a difference. Thanks for a great job and feel free to use these words for referrals or post on web. Sincerely,
Kevin and Sue
Littleton 80127 (42” fan, 4 vents)
Just want to drop you a note to let you know how pleased we are with are attic fan. The crew was very professional and efficient, the home is much cooler in the evening, and after that big rain storm...no leaks! Again thank you for a great product all the way around.
Denver 80210 (30” fan, 4 vents)
Great experience. Ryan showed up on time for the estimate and the work. He explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions. Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Mead 80542 (30” fan, 5 vents, and Insulation)
Installed whole house fan. Went well. Fred and Jordan arrived on time. They reviewed the project and then explained clearly to me what they would be doing and why. Took about 3 hours to install fan. Cleaned up when finished, including vacuuming and sweeping outside entry way. Both men were excellent to work with. Kristen and Heather (in the office) also were very good to work with. Answered all questions I had. Project went as planned. No surprises. Highly recommend. Went well. Good, strong professional team at Colorado Home Cooling. Getting quote was easy, scheduling was easy, installers arrived on time, assessed the job, worked diligently on the project until it was completed about 3 hours later, cleaned up, explained to me how to work the fan (and also easy-to-understand written instructions), answered all of my questions about fan operation, best way to cool, etc., and provided an itemized receipt for the work done. All of the people I worked with at Colorado Home Cooling did a great job. Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Lafayette 80026 (36” fan, 7 vents)
We recently had a whole house fan installed by CHC. I talked to Skylar several times because we had a bunch of questions. He answered all my questions. No pressure to buy a fan, just call them if we were interested. A week later we decided that we wanted to get it done. Installation went smoothly and the installer took all the time we needed to answer questions. He saved us some money because we didn't need as many vents as was quoted. Our problem was the rooms in the upstairs. This fan alleviated that problem. It is a little bit of a learning curve to know when to use it and how, but we wonder why we didn't do this before. Thank you to all a Colorado Home Cooling.
You want an attic fan? You don't know who to go with? You don't know if it will work? How about how much it will cost? We had all of these questions and more. We finally bit the bullet and ordered a quiet cool 7.0. Yes it's a little costly, no it's not a/c expensive and it will save you money on your electric bill. I have been impressed with the quality of the fan especially since I've had to turn it off a couple of times because it's freezing after about 3-4 hours during the night. The fan noise is noticeable, you can hear it swishing and sucking in air even on low, but I've found it to be soothing, sort of like white noise. But it's only noticeable when you are next to it, not when you are downstairs or another floor of the house. The installation process was amazing, two guys showed up cut a hole in the ceiling and 5 holes on the roof for vents, installed the fan in the attic, and about 3 1/2 hours later it was all done and working great. These two guys were amazing, quick, clean, pros, and answered all my questions. Definitely worth the money and so quick and easy. I should have done this about two years ago and not suffer through hot summer night with window fans and standing fans. Definitely recommend Colorado home cooling. They will do a great job.
These guys did a great job installing a powered attic fan at my house. They were on time, quick, and tidy. The fan is making a noticeable difference in the temperature on the second floor -- keeping it much cooler. After about a month of operation it started making noises that it hadn''t made before. They came right out to look at it, discovered some unwanted vibration, and got it fixed.
The team at Colorado Home Cooling did a great job from scheduling to install. I'm very please with the product and the installation. It has really cut down on my air conditioning use.
Highlands Ranch
Excellent experience from start to finish. Skylar was most informative: answered our questions and made sure we fully understood the process, the choices and the pricing. The install crew, Ryan and Jake lived up to the previous reviews... Very neat, thoughtful work. Cleanup was so good, you would never know they were here. The Quiet Cool fan works as advertised and we are enjoying it's cooling effects. The central AC does seem to come on significantly less, though the next monthly bill will tell the story. Highly recommend this company, it's people and the product.
We purchased a whole house fan a little over 3 years ago from Colorado Home Cooling. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made. We love it. Works fantastic in northern Colorado. We had an issue recently and called to check to see what the solution might be. Chris sent a service guy out and they fixed the fan and did not even charge me. They are an awesome company to do business with.
I had a whole house fan installed 2 months ago. I wanted to try it for a while before giving a review. Here it is. I love it!! This is what I have been waiting for in a fan that doesn't sound like a jet every time you turn it on. This company that installed it was so very professional. Colorado Home Cooling did a great job for me. I live in an older house that needed some creative installation and they handled it with ease. The installers communicated with me all the way through and cleaned up after the fan was installed. I would recommend this company to anybody!
Wheat Ridge, CO
Ryan was the most professional, polite and personable serviceman that has ever been to my house. Ryan was upfront and honest about the process and cost of installing the whole house fan, he even dusted and vacuumed when he was done with the job. The whole house fan has far exceeded my expectations. There has been a noticeable reduction in my electric bill from last summer! We rarely ran the air conditioning, and when we did run it, we were able to turn it off in the evening and enjoy the fresh cool summer air in the evening and at night. Prior to having the whole house fan installed, we could run the air conditioner 24/7 and the upstairs would never cool down. Now with a couple windows open, it cools down in minutes. Plus the fan is great if you burn food!
Every so often I’ll come across a company that provides great service and product that will make me communicate to others and write a note of appreciation – Ryan your company is one of those lightly sprinkled throughout the community. I have owned a “big box” whole house fan and it was very noisy and the shutters made rattling noises as well especially when shutting off the fan. However, even with that fan it made a difference in the comfort of the home. This time around we wanted a quiet fan and decided to try the more expensive one even though I was skeptical when I read product testimonials and product information. After doing several hours of research chose your product and company. I’ll say that it has exceeded my expectations for quietness and my wife was absolutely amazed. Craig did a wonderful job and we appreciate his friendliness and attention to details. I truly believe in supporting good local companies who provide the excellent service yours did. My new whole house fan is fantastic in every way – thanks again…
Castle Pines North
Ryan, It’s the best improvement I’ve done to my home! It truly works well and saves me money as well as you said it would. Thanks,
Our attic fan cut our A/C bill in half! Ryan was very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a whole house fan.
Highlands Ranch, CO
Concerning the whole house fan: It has performed flawlessly since it’s installation last year. The installer took great care to make sure the fan was quiet and was running as expected.
Littleton, CO
Dear Ryan, We want to thank you for the excellent and professional installation of our Whole House Attic Fan. It has done everything you said it would, and we could not be more pleased. Using it as you instructed, kept us comfortable through the entire summer. Also, your careful consideration to keep our floors and walls free of debris was another evidence of your doing what you said you would. Sorry it has taken us so long to let you know of our complete satisfaction with your work and the product. Please feel free to use us as a reference. Sincerely,
Ron & Norma
Lakewood 80215 (30" fan, 6 vents)
Dear Ryan- I am extremely pleased with my whole house attic fan from Colorado Home Cooling. The fan cools the house quickly, and is much less expensive to operate than air conditioning. I was especially pleased with your professionalism, from accurate quote to timely installation to thorough clean up to proper billing. My experience with Colorado Home Cooling far exceeded my expectations, and I would whole-heartily recommend your services to others. PS I like that the fan is an environmentally friendly cooling alternative!
Denver 80212 (30” fan, 3 vents)
Ryan, your installation work was flawless and the vents have not leaked a drop. The fan cools the house so well that the A/C does not come on until 2pm, if the outside temp is over 100 degrees! Otherwise the system is quiet and runs exactly as you advertised it would. Mike
Aurora 80015 (30” fan, 4 vents)
Ryan installed my attic fan 2 years ago and it has been wonderful to have in my tri-level that used to get too hot to sleep in my bedroom. I love it! Ryan showed me how to use it, explained how it works and the way the new roof vents help the fans efficiency When I needed the louvers adjusted he came out on a Sunday to do the adjustment so I could have them working efficiently immediately. I recommend Colorado Home Cooling to all my friends.
Golden 80403 (30” fan, 6 vents)
Dear Colorado Home Cooling, My wife and I are very pleased with the installation and performance of our whole house fan. The install was very well engineered and has allowed us to cut way back on our air conditioning usage. We are extremely satisfied and would definitely recommend Colorado Home Cooling LLC for any future work. Sincerely,
Centennial 80015 (2 vents, new shutter, existing fan)
Ryan, The attic fan works great. It’s 100% better than the old system. We also appreciated your conscientious work and thorough clean up.
Parker 80134 (36” fan, 36” vertical shutter, replaced existing WH fan)
Very professional, top of the line equipment! There were probably less than ten nights last summer where we didn’t use the fan. The summer was quite pleasant thanks to C.H.C.
Jason and Tiffany
Loveland 80538 (36” fan, 8 leigh vents)
Ryan, Since I am the “hot thermostat” person in this house, I am very happy with the new attic fan and better attic venting work that you did – Now we can sleep in the summer upstairs!!!
Parker 80134 (36” fan, 36” vertical exhaust shutter)
I love the new fan – works great. Maybe should have bought the bigger unit but this one seems to do the trick. Electric bills in half with A/C on but 10% of the time previous.
Centennial, 80112 (30” fan, 3 vents)
Did a great job getting our old whole house fan to work properly. Very prompt “on time” service. Would recommend.
Centennial 80122 (service call on customer's fan)
Dear Ryan / Colorado Home Cooling, Although I was not there to see the installation, my husband was. He thought you did an “Awesome” job. We have recommended you to our friends and neighbors! Our next door neighbor was soo impressed they had one installed! We love what it does for our home!! Thanks,
Jim and Debbie
Highlands Ranch 80126 (36” fan, 7 vents)
We had 6 attic vents installed with an automatic timer. Ryan was very professional in his work and did an excellent job for us. We have been very happy with his service.
Westminster 80031 (6 vents, service call)
Ryan, Your installation of our system has worked & performed beyond our expectations. The best home improvement we have ever made. Good Luck,
Centennial 80121 (36” fan, 9 vents)
Ryan is great to work with. We played phone tag for some time until we could schedule a mutual time. Ryan came out to resolve a small unexpected problem with the install. Ryan wants happy customers. Thank you Ryan.
Aurora 80016 (Powered Vent, 2 vents)
Our whole house attic fan has met our expectations. We are pleased with the product as well as your professional installation.
Lakewood 80215 (30” fan, 6 vents)
Ryan, Your ceiling fan and installation are great. Works like a charm! Thanks for being so prompt regarding the minor adjustment of the spring.
Allen and Cathy
Highlands Ranch 80126 (36” fan, 5 vents)
The hail storm in June, 2004 ruined my attic fan. I wasn’t going to replace it until I noticed that it was hotter in my house without it. I called Colo Home Cooling and Ryan came out the next day and installed a new fan. Now my house is cooler on hot days and I am very happy with the service I got from Colo Home Cooling.
Robert N.
Denver 80236 (Powered vent replacement)
I can recommend without qualification Colorado Home Cooling and Ryan Starr’s excellent service. He answered my initial call immediately. He communicated easily his knowledge about whole house fans and what would be best for my house. He provided me with an estimate over the phone and the names of several customers who, when I called them, spoke of his work in glowing terms. I’m happy to be added to that list. He worked efficiently-installing the fan and creating a new attic access within a day-and cheerfully managed a couple of difficulties encountered during the course of the installation in a 1929 Denver bungalow. I love the fan and I only wish that I’d had it installed years ago! Most happily,
Denver 80210 (30” fan, 2 vents)
Ryan, Thanks for the great job on our attic fan. Your installation was prompt and efficient. The fan has helped enormously cooling the top of our house without increasing our electric bill. You were so quick to respond to my call and your estimate was spot on. Thanks again for a great job. Feel free to use me as a reference.
Littleton 80123 (2 vents, 1 powered vent)
Ryan, Your repair on our whole house fan helped a great deal. I appreciated your professionalism and good workmanship.
Dave and Sandy
Englewood 80113 (5 vents, service call on existing fan)
We highly recommend Ryan Starr of Co Home Cooling. Ryan is very professional and did an excellent job for us. He answered all of our questions, installed a whisper-quiet fan and shutter, and cleaned up afterward. The second story of our home gets really hot, and the A/C bills are really high. Ryan installed a Triangle belt-driven fan and Dayton shutter. The fan is quiet because it is belt-driven, unlike the motor driven fans at the big box stores. Ryan knows the best way to install the fan so it is very quiet. The fan sucks the hot air out of the second floor, then blows the hot air out of the attic. It helps tremendously and the result is we use the A/C a lot less. I dislike air-conditioned air, so the fan makes a big difference to our quality of life. We are glad to whole-heartedly endorse Co Home Cooling after the great install Ryan did for us.
Ken and Nancy
Denver 80247 (36” fan, 7 vents)
Ryan went above and beyond. Our installation was fast, clean and professional.
Boulder 80301 (Powered Vent, 8 vents, look over existing whf)
Thanks, Ryan – We love our new fan! It cools the house faster than the A/C and costs less. We couldn’t be happier.
Boulder 80301 (PV, 8 vents, look over his install of my whf)
We love our attic fan!
Denver 80222 (30” fan 6 vents)
My husband and I decided to get an attic fan instead of an air conditioning system to save money since we have a ranch style house. We also enjoy having our windows open in the summer evenings to get fresh air. We had the fan installed on the hottest day of May 2005 when I was 5 months pregnant and it was ready to operate the same day. I was able to stay comfortable my entire pregnancy because of the attic fan and we have never noticed an increase in our energy bill. Thank you!
Littleton 80127 (30” fan, 5 vents)
Colorado Home Cooling LLC was very pleasant to work with. Mr. Starr was clean and efficient, we never even knew he was in our home, it was such a tidy job. We have had our attic fan for two summers now. It has helped us to keep our home a lot cooler during Colorado’s hot summers. I would recommend Mr. Starr and his company, to anyone who is looking for an energy saving home cooling system. Respectfully,
Lakewood 80228 (30” fan, 4 vents)
We cannot say enough about the job that Colorado Home Cooling did with our attic fan. Ryan Starr was both professional and friendly, and left our house as clean as when he arrived. After enjoying our quiet new attic fan for several months, we began to hear a slight knocking sound. We called Ryan and within days he resolved this small problem. We strongly recommend Colorado Home Cooling if you are considering an attic fan.
No Name Given
Dear Ryan Starr, We wish we had installed your attic fans before we installed central air. We love having our house doors and windows open in the summer and using the attic fans to bring in fresh air. Great product and great installation, very solid and quiet. I would as well as my husband would highly recommend your product. The only time we use our central air is when the temperature gets into the 100’s. Sincerely,
Ed and Renee
Lakewood 80227 (2-30” fans, 8 vents)
We had several contractors come to our home, look at the problem, then leave and never contact us again. Ryan came, developed a custom package for our provlem and did a great job installing our through-the-wall fan. It cools our house very efficiently. Great job and great service! Al
Castle Rock 80108 (motorized shutter for existing gable fan in vault)
Colorado Home Cooling did a wonderful job on the installation. The Whole house / attic fan was installed primarily to help cool our 2nd story bedroom. It’s great to be able to turn it on after the outside temperature drops and cool the room. Prior to this we had to turn the A/C down lower so it would super cool the downstairs and the upstairs would be tolerable. I also like to turn it on in the morning so the house is extra cool and then close it up for the day.
Centennial 80015 (36” fan, 6 vents)
My whole house fan made a huge difference. My first summer in this house I couldn’t sleep it was so warm. My second summer, after the fan, no problem. And since it remained cooler in the morning, the house was more comfortable through the day. I’m glad I don’t have to go to the expense of adding air conditioning or a swamp cooler. Colorado Home Cooling was very professional in the installation.
Lakewood 80228 (30” fan, 4 vents)
Dear Ryan, I have been very pleased with my attic fan. I rarely use my air conditioning since I had it installed. I like to have my doors and windows open. You were very professional and knowledgeable when you installed it. Thank You! Please don’t hesitate to use me as a referral. I’m happy to do it.
Lakewood 80226 (30” fan, 5 vents)
We absolutely love our whole house / attic fan! We do have air conditioning but decided to get an attic fan as well to pull in the fresh Colorado air and minimize the electricity cost of using A/C. It works great and cools off the house in a matter of minutes. Working with Colorado Home Cooling was super easy and the installation process was done very professionally.
Candice and David
Denver 80220 (36” fan, 8 vents)
Hello Ryan This fan was a real value to our home. Saved quite a bit on cooling cost. We could not be happier. Best of luck to you. Thank you for your top quality customer service and happy holidays!
Parker 80134 (30” fan, 4 vents)
Incredibly quick response and very professional! Thanks,
Parker 80138 (Powered Vent)
Great professional Job. Actually cleans up after job is done. Totally satisfied with materials and workmanship.
Reverand Dan
Highlands Ranch 80129 (30” fan, 2 vents)
I have really been glad I had your fan put in my garage. Our association garage sales are much more fun… I do recommend this to friends
Lakewood 80232 (Powered Vent, 1 vent, all in garage)
We have used our A/C 80-90% less often than before installing our attic fan. One surprise is the air it pulls up from the basement! It’s like having the A/C on! Wish we would have done this years ago!
Highlands Ranch 80130 (30” fan, 5 vents)
We enjoyed your service, it was professional, courteous and we are happy with our fan.
Denver 80227 (30" fan, 4 vents)
Ryan, We love our new whole house fan. The oven of our upper level is now pleasant and livable. It was just in time because my 92 year old father has come to stay with us for a while. The summer heat in our upstairs bedrooms would have been unbearable for him and actually unheatlthy. He says he is completely comfortable all night. Thanks for coming all the way to Colorado Springs.
Colorado Springs 80910 (36" fan, 7 vents)
We love our whole house fan. Apparently, we'd been living under a broiler for the past six years. The fan has made a huge difference, especially cooling down our bedroom on the top floor so that we can sleep well. The house is cooler in the morning, never builds up the heat that we were used to, and cools down quickly in the early evening. With the additional help of a few electric fans blowing around cooler air, we were even comfortable during this last heat wave of week-long 95+ days. As an added bonus, although we smoke, the house no longer smells like it. Now, if we could just get it to suck up dog hair, too . . . . .
Denver 80219 (30" fan, 4 vents)
We loved the fan you installed during the summer. Our electric bill was vastly reduced and we enjoyed the cool comfort every evening. Can't imagine a home without one.
Longmont 80503 (36" fan, 6 vents)
We are extremely pleased with the product as well as with your workmanship! The fan and vents work great and your installation and follow-up is every bit as professional as presented. We really needed the ventilation of the big fan, and the quietly created "artificial" breeze through the house is extremely pleasant! (Contrary to what your competitor told us, our hair does NOT get sucked up. Ha Ha) Thank you for providing a great product with a personal touch of integrity!
Tim and Jamie
Saddle Rock Ridge 80015 (36" fan, 7 vents)
Ryan, So far the fan is working great. Here is what I liked about your installation/interaction etc. 1) English Speaking 2) Prompt, Friendly, Informative 3) Caulked the Nails 4) Even caulked some additional nails that were nearby one of the vents 5) Cleaned up the mess 6) Vents evenly and neatly spaced Thanks very much. I hope that my fan experience to come is as good as it has been so far. I really appreciate your work.
No Name Given
Thanks Ryan, The guys are really professional, on-time and fast. I appreciate the excellent customer service.
Aurora 80013 (30" fan, 3 vents)
Ryan, I wanted to let you know that your crew was efficient, professional and helpful during the fan installation yesterday. They got moving right away and provided multiple options. They made sure the attic airflow was optimal by enlarging some of the cutouts in decking between truss systems, and distributed the vents to make sure the entire attic had uniform airflow throughout. Also, you are helped by the fact that whole house fan installation is not a primary competency among the mainstream HVAC crowd. I was much more comfortable having your crew working with your product (36" fan) than having an air conditioning/furnace expert suggest a solution. Your solution was not the cheapest available, but was the most effective and best value. I was also glad you were willing to work outside your primary operating area and bring your crew out to Colorado Springs. We do not have air conditioning in our home, and we are content to weather our first summer with the fan alone. However, it is comforting to know that if we do opt for A/C in the future, it will be a great deal more efficient thanks to our superior verticle air flow. The fan is working great and we appreciate the quick service! Thanks for the help,
Colorado Springs
Hi Ryan, Just to give you some feedback, Craig was very courteous and enthusiastic. He and Jordan did a very good job and cleaned up after the job. They were prompt and answered my questions. As far as the install. I did some research and think the Triangle fan is a very good product and better than the others out there. The install is right where I hoped it would be given the options. Your price was good given the other quote I got. The mounting seems solid in my first quick look and the fan is quiet! Probably the only thing I'd do differently, in hindsight, is put the 5 addtional vents on the other side of the roofline from the existing vents. GIven the style of vents I have and the limited space available, the 5 additional of different style seems a bit much all in a line together. Anyway, thanks for what looks like a solid install of a superior product. If it works as I expect, I'll be sure to recommend you to my neighbors. All The Best,
Superior 80027 (30" fan, 5 vents)
Ryan - This is a bit late, but I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the whole house fan your crew installed in our home on July 28th. Craig and Jordan were congenial, professional and installed our fan just the way we wanted it. Plus, they completed the job expeditiously in about 3 1/2 hours. We would be happy to recommend your company to anyone looking for the home cooling services you offer. One thing I wanted to mention. Craig and I discussed some options to cover the shutter during winter--and he planned to show me some of those, but apparently just overlooked it before leaving. Could you kindly direct me to web sites, etc. where some of these kind of things are discussed/offered? You might also give me your opinion in re to these options. Again, thanks to you and your company for a great job installing our fan.
Denver 80224 (30" fan, 6 vents)
Ryan, I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you guys did on the whole house fan install.
Johnstown 80534 (30" fan, 5 vents)
Hello, Thanks for the installation that you did to my home a few months ago. At the time, it was mentioned that there was an insulating insert for the winter from the inside house side. Can you please send me information on that? Also, I really appreciate what the attic fan and whole house fan have done to help my central air system. By being able to keep the heat in the attic down, in the 95 + degree stretch that we suffered this year, I have been able to keep the house maximum temp to 75 degrees. In past years, it would have been 80 degrees and running the air conditioner 24/7. Thank You,
Longmont 80501 (30" fan, 2 vents)
Hi Ryan, You installed our attic fan last month on Fathers Day. It has been WONDERFUL! I cannot believe I waited this long to get it installed. Thank you so much. Regards,
Parker 80138 (36" fan, 7 vents)
We had a whole house fan put in by Colorado Home Cooling last year, and the results have been phenomenal! Not only has it meant that we could essentially not run our central air anymore, saving that cost, but also the airflow in the house is much better and cleaner air coming in from outside is much more refreshing. Great experience with the installation, very cost effective overall, and pleasant air. Awesome!‎
Denver 80207 (30" fan, 8 vents)
As an architect designing today's zero energy homes, I expect the best service and components for our projects. Thanks Ryan and team for your work and professionalism. Whole house fans are all you need for cooling in a properly designed front range home!‎
Boulder CO (24" fan)
After years of throwing money away every winter, I finally decided I could no longer waste my hard earned cash.I called Colorado Home Cooling and spoke with Ryan about insulation, of which I knew nothing.He answered all my questioned, came over, assessed the problem, quoted me a price, made me aware of the rebate I was entitled to through excel and did the job the very next day.I have saved twenty percent on my bill the first five months since the insulation has been in the walls and most importantly in the attic. To say I am stoked is an understatement, I am far more comfortable through the cold Colorado winter, saving money and even got a Rebate.Call this dude, you will save MONEY. MG Colorado‎
Golden 80401 (30" fan, 5 vents, Home and attic Insulation)
Ryan and his team at Colorado Home Cooling are professional, honest, neat and do a fantastic job installing whole house fans. The airflow through the house is so strong that we don't use air conditioning any more - this provides about $100 in savings per month during the summer. Thank you Ryan for providing a great service for Colorado!‎
Golden, CO 80403 (30" fan, 5 vents)
Colorado Home Cooling did an excellent job of installing insulation for me and doing miscellaneous winterizing jobs. They were reasonably priced and also helped me get the Xcel rebate. My heating bills have gone down more than I expected - thanks!‎
80403 (Home Insulation)
CHC installed an attic fan and insulated the attic in my Denver home. CHC was very professional, knowledgeable, honest and affordable. They were a breeze to work with and left everything cleaner then when they started. I highly recommend CHC to anyone - and have recommended them to many of my friends. The attic fan has worked flawlessly and cools my home almost instantly.‎
80221 (30" fan, 6 vents, Home Insulation)
CHC was very timely and professional installing the ceiling fans. The fans were installed in an older home and there were quirks along the way. The fan cools the house in minutes and is so much nicer than air conditioning. Well worth the investment to make the home efficient and have lower energy bills during the summer. Highly recommended.‎
80228 (30" fan, 6 vents, Home Insulation)
I had CHC install an attic fan in my Parker, Colorado home. They were extremely professional, fair and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. I love being able to cool my home down in an instant and not have to pay the high cost of A/C. I also love how I can clear out offensive cooking smells immediately!‎
80134 (30" fan, 4 vents)
Ryan's crew installed my whole house fan and did a great job. The installation exceeded my expectations. Ryan's company stands by both the product and the installation.
80537 (30" fan, 3 vents)
Ryan and a helper showed up on time and well prepared. Even though the work was done in the afternoon and the temperatures were in the 90's outdoors, the heat didn't slow either of them down. I was impressed with their professionalism, adept installation and no-fear attitude while crawling around the spider web-infested attic. It was a job well done. How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money's worth How far in advance did you schedule the work? within a week Did you find the company through Angie's List? yes If yes, which source(s)? website Why did you choose this contractor? reputation Have you used this company before? this is the first time I've used this company What did you like most about this contractor? Personable and knowledgeable What surprises came up during the course of the work? none What words of advice would you give other members considering this contractor? Hire this company! What words of advice would you give this contractor? Keep up the great work!This is your space. Feel free to give us your two cents ... or quote your favorite movie? Ryan is fearless when it comes to crawling around in hot, dark, spider infested attics.
Golden, CO 80403 (36" fan, 7 vents)
Description Of Work: They installed a 36" whole house fan and 6 roof vents. The whole house fan was installed above the landing at the top of the stairs. The six new roof vents were lined up and spaced along the ridge of the house. Everything looked great when finished. Member Comments: Jordan and Craig showed up right at the agreed up on time and went straight to work. No loafing here. They did take the time to show me what they were going to do and where they were going to place the fan, switches, and vents and get my OK. They finished in around three hours. It was an over 80 degree day and I ran the fan the entire first night. The fan ran more quiet than I expected, not much louder than my ceiling fan and for the first time ever my upstairs was cooler than my downstairs. My wife and I slept great. How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money's worth How far in advance did you schedule the work? within a week Did you find the company through Angie's List? yes Why did you choose this contractor? reputation Have you used this company before? this is the first time I've used this company What did you like most about this contractor? Very polite and professional What did you like least about this contractor? Nothing What surprises came up during the course of the work? None that I'm aware of. What words of advice would you give this contractor? Keep up the great work. This is your space. Feel free to give us your two cents ... or quote your favorite movie? I love the whole house fan, slept great last night.
Parker, CO 80134 (36" fan, 6 vents)
Gave us a rough estimate based on the description of our house size, year built, and what we knew about our attic. Updated the estimate after a site visit and was able to perform the work the same day. Said it would take about 4 hours, but they were actually done in 2.5 hours. We were not able to install the fan exactly where we wanted it because it would have required cutting through a support joist, but we like it anyway and it seems to work well so far. Everyone I know with a whole-house fan swears it really cools the house in the summer and we look forward to that!
80128 (30" fan, 5 vents)
Description Of Work: Installed a whole-house attic fan and 6 roof vents; rewired a smoke detector that was in the way. This installation cost more than usual because we had insufficient roof vents (a home inspector verified that fact) and we needed 2 more than normal, plus we have plaster ceilings, which cost an additional $200 to work with. This is a *much* better unit than you'll find at the home improvement store, so that's not a fair comparison. Plug: Whole-house fans are a really cost-effective way to cool your house when mornings and evenings are cool. Even our air conditioning installer said he uses one to reduce his use of air conditioning. Member Comments: Service was explained and arranged by phone. 3 young guys run this company, and 2 showed up - I think it's normally one person, but the 2nd guy was not as experienced and was getting trained. That made me a little nervous when he took the saw to my ceiling, but it turned out very well. They arrived on time, laid tarps, climbed on the roof, climbed in the attic, cut holes, installed the 6 vents, installed the controls, moved the smoke detector, cleaned up (fairly well, but it's hard with plaster dust), explained the use, and were out in about 4-5 hrs. It cost more than I expected (although I knew it up front) but it's well worth it. How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got exactly what I paid for How far in advance did you schedule the work? 1-2 weeks Did you find the company through Angie's List? no If no, what was the other source? Internet. Why did you choose this contractor? other, They are specialists in this job. Have you used this company before? this is the first time I've used this company What did you like most about this contractor? He knows his attic fans! What did you like least about this contractor? Cleanup was a bit spotty, but plaster dust requires a vacuum and mop, not a broom. What surprises came up during the course of the work? The smoke detector needed to be moved, but they did it. What words of advice would you give other members considering this contractor? They will cut holes in your roof%3B pick a sunny day 🙂 What words of advice would you give this contractor? It was obvious one guy was getting OJT, but he ended up with a nice, smooth cut! This is your space. Feel free to give us your two cents ... or quote your favorite movie? We won't recoup the expenditure on our cooling bill, but it does reduce A/C cost, and except for really hot days, the fan is all we use.
80210 (30" fan, 6 vents)
The work was performed by Ryan Starr, the proprietor of the business. Ryan was timely, polite, and professional. The installation of the fan and additional vents took approximately five or six hours. The fan works great. We've not turned our AC on since, the fan was installed.
80129 (36" fan, 6 vents)
Ryan- I received your letter regarding the insulation services your company offers. Before I jump into that… I want to tell you that our attic fan works like a champ! We love it! Ran the AC a lot less this summer and noticed a difference in our electric bills!!
CO (30" fan, 4 vents)
It was awesome. Excellent service! Quick and easy. Overall Experience: Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Denver 80211 (Attic Insulation, 36” fan, 6 vents)
Service was done very well. He was punctual, polite, professional, cleaned up after the job, and knowledgeable about what he was doing. We were very happy with his service. Overall Experience: Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Broomfield 80020 (36” fan, 7 vents)
The installer worked nonstop from 9 until that evening to complete the job in one day. He even gave a short tutorial on the best way to run it to cool down the house before he left. He used a tarp to cover the floor under his work area/attic access and the work was done very cleanly and professionally. The fan looks and works great. We plan on having them return and blow in insulation in the fall. Overall Experience: Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Golden 80401 (30” fan, 5 vents)

Google Reviews:

AD ‎ – Mar 7, 2012
Very professional. Jordan came over today and installed my new whole house fan. He installed it in 4 hours, arrived ontime, cleaned up after himself, and the price was right on target with the estimate. He showed me how to use it and we tested it. Everything works great. Everyone in Colorado should have this fan instead of air conditioning.

Michael and Danielle ‎ – Oct 8, 2011
The best experience I’ve had dealing with anyone! They gave us an over-the-phone quote, which they met when they arrived here for installation. The installation took roughly 2-2.5 hours for everything including 5 additional roof vents. This thing is awesome – I recommend to everyone living in CO! We just spent our first summer with it and I haven’t had one regret.

JP ‎ – Aug 8, 2011
Every company should work like this. They gave a simple, over-the-phone quote. Showed up at the exact time they said they would, installed the fan faster than expected, cleaned up everything before they left. They also answered every little question I had. The whole-house-fan is AMAZING, I can’t believe we waited this long to get one!

Brad Jenkins ‎ – Jul 18, 2011
Everything was very easy to set up and they did the job right after the affordable quote. Thank you

Ward ‎ – Jul 14, 2011
5 stars. The installers of the whole house fan arrived exactly on time, did not go over the estimated time for the installation, were friendly and helpful in explaining what needed done for my special situation, and cleaned up after themselves. Very impressed with this company and will recommend to my friends.

Jason ‎ – Jun 8, 2011
I just had CHC (Jordan & Homer) install a whole house fan and they did a great job! The whole experience from quote to finished product was flawless. I called them less than 36 hours ago to get a quote and already have my fan installed. Great Job!

Susan ‎ – May 16, 2011
I love CHC. When I called about my new attic fan possibly leaking, they were here two hours later to check it out. They figured out where the leak was (it wasn’t their fan, but a nearby vent) and one of them went up on the roof and caulked it for me! They saved me the time and expense of getting a roofer out here to fix it. And if that weren’t enough, they checked out the wiring on a hall light fixture that wasn’t working and fixed it for me. All this came as a bonus to the attic fan they installed, which has made a huge difference in how long I run the a/c, if I run it at all. All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with CHC, and I recommend them to anyone.
Follow up…
Dear Ryan and CHC:
I just wanted to commend the two young men who came out here today. When I called about my attic fan possibly leaking, they were her two hours later to check it out. They figured out where the leak was (it wasn’t the fan, but a nearby vent) and one of them went up on the roof and caulked it for me! Completely beyond the call, but they saved me the time and expense of getting a roofer out here to fix it. And if that weren’t enough, they checked out the wiring on a hall light fixture that wasn’t working and fixed it for me.
This is in addition to be belated note about how great my attic fan has been. It has made a huge difference in how long I run the a/c, if I run it at all.
All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with CHC. Thank you, everybody!

Thornton  80241
(Powered Vent)

Michaela ‎ – Apr 7, 2011
Ryan and EJ were professional, courteous and friendly when they installed our whole house fan today. We’re so excited to see the benefits and so far, it’s awesome. I only wish we had installed it years ago. Ryan was great to talk to ahead of time and answered all of my questions thoroughly and patiently. I would recommend anyone looking for a whole house fan to call CHC!!! Thanks guys!! Job well done!

JL ‎ – Mar 10, 2011
Ryan was our choice for insulation first because he uses biocellulose rather than fiberglass and then because. Among the insulators we consulted, he was the only one willing to give us a price quote over the phone based on the information we gave him rather than insisting on coming out to “measure,” a ploy which we discovered with other companies to be a pretext for making a time-wasting sales pitch. Ryan and his crew showed up the day after we called. They not only installed the insulation efficiently and with a professional attitude but were conscientious and resourceful in meeting a couple of little challenges as they came up. I would use them again and recommend Colorado Home Cooling wholeheartedly!

Kris ‎ – Feb 23, 2011
Ryan was flexible with my schedule, very professional, competent and was clean. I highly recommend them.


They were great to work with. Kristen was willing to work with our roofer so they could upgrade the vents and the fan guys just installed the fan. They were very thoughtful, making sure the placement was OK and cleaning up afterwards. I would definitely recommend this company.
Highlands Ranch 80130 (30” fan, 4 vents)
This group is outstanding. Put in my "whole house" fan five years ago. I had some problems related to a new roof installation and ventilation problem the roof installer created. The guys from CHC knew exactly what I needed to set me straight again. A+ for this group.
Englewood, CO
Ryan is great. The install was perfect and we are extremely happy with our whole house fan. Overall Experience: Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Highlands Ranch 80129 (36” fan, 6 vents)
It was simple. I called the company. They gave a worst case estimate over the phone after giving house information (square footage, number of windows, vents, etc). They also explained they would send someone over for a better estimate and we could decide to get the whole house fan installed right then or later. The prices are given on their website as well as an explanation of a whole house fan. On the day of the estimate, we were given an estimate. We agreed to do the install. The installation took around 3 hours. That night we were using the fan. It was a simple and straight forward process. Overall Experience: Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Westminster 80021 (36” fan, 8 vents)
They did a wonderful job. Very professional and accomodating. They explained exactly what they would be doing, put in the right number of vents, put the fan control where I wanted it placed, moved a speaker, and did a great job of cleaning up. I highly recommend this company. Great job! Overall Experience: Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Denver 80210 (36” fan, 7 vents)
I spent about $3000 and they gave me cash back as stakes. They also helped me with the paper work and went beyond they could. This was the best thing I have ever done in my house for saving money. My house is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. I only ran the air-conditioner this summer when I had company. It was really wonderful and I will give them all A’s for going above and beyond. They were great and I was referred to them by a friend. I will use them in future. Overall Experience: Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Broomfield 80020 (36” fan, 12 vents)
They were able to work us into their schedule even though this was likely a relatively small job. They were punctual, efficient and explained everything they were going to do. Overall Experience: Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Centennial 80112 (Service Call for fan)
CHC installed a whole house fan, which also involved installing 8 vents in our roof. They were excellent. The fan they installed is set up on. Box they custom built on site that holds the fan off the louvers and reduces noise. The Louvers themselves do not rattle or shake even on high. Plusses: On time Answered all my questions No cost increases. Installation after 6 weeks is everything we expected it to be. They cleaned up after themselves very well. Bonus: Steve and his team noticed some damage to some of the roofing tiles while installing the vents (nothing they could have possibly caused based on the location) and not only did they take me up and show it to me, they did a quick patch job with some extra material to tide me over until I can get a full time roofer up there! Overall it went great - we'd recommend them to our friends. Overall Experience: Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Boulder 80301 (36” fan, 8 vents)
I had insulation blown into my attic. They also added foam insulation to the attic door, located in the ceiling. The crew was right on time and completed their work within the time frame quoted to me. It was a bit loud, but blowing insulation up three stories is going to be loud. The workers were very polite and tried to stay out of the way as much as possible, which they did very well. Overall Experience: Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Centennial 80122 (Insulation)
Colorado Home Cooling installed a whole house fan. I was really happy with their work, and I have absolutely no complaints. Overall Experience: Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A
Longmont 80503 (36”fan, 6 vents)
It was awesome. Excellent service! Quick and easy.
Denver 80211 (36” fan, 6 vents, & Insulation)
Customer service with the emphasis on the customer. From the first phone call to meeting with the installer and having an attic fan installed, everyone at Colorado Home Cooling was very friendly, polite, and professional. This is how all experiences with a company should be. No pushy sales people looking to make a larger sale, just friendly and helpful people giving you their honest advice and professional opinion to help you make an educated decision. I will definitely be sending friends their way without hesitation. Quality: Excellent
Broomfield 80020 (Powered Vent)
Very nice over the phone - gave an accurate estimate, showed up on time, work very well done, product excellent, clean up was excellent. Love the fan and install - thank you! Overall: Excellent
Louisville 80027 (30” fan, 4 vents)
WOW!! This company is polite, punctual, knowledgeable and the prices are fair. Ryan (owner) was on time and very polite. He answered all of my questions about a house fan and the differences of the 2 models I was thinking about. Ryan was not pushy and he gave me the facts instead of trying to sell the more expensive model. I did not plan on having the fan installed that day-but I was so impressed with Ryan, his prices and his services-I had it installed during his visit. Once the fan was installed, Ryan went over the directions, do's and don'ts and patiently answered some more questions I had. I was amazed at how well the fan works!!!!! I would recommend Colorado Home Cooling to anyone. The price ($1600) was very fair and the results are well worth it. Thanks Ryan and Colorado Home Cooling!! Quality: Excellent
Brighton 80601 (30” fan, 4 vents)
They quoted the lowest price. They showed up on time. They were very professional and knowledgeable. The quoted price is what they actually charged. They took the time to explain the details of the install. They worked quickly. They cleaned up. They were polite, friendly and pleasant. They warranty their work. Excellent service & business. Highly recommended!!!! Not enough businesses like these folks. I had an attic fan installed. Overall: Excellent
No name given
Wow! It works! We should have done this years ago! When the fan is on, it's very quiet, and you can feel the fresh air flowing through the house. It cools down the upstairs bedrooms in a hurry making for a very comfortable nights sleep. Now, about the business. These guys are awesome! Ryan, the owner, was onsite and installed the fan with a coworker. They are very polite, professional, and thorough with their work. They were respectful of our house, and cleaned everything up before they left. Get the fan! Call these guys and enjoy the results! Overall: Excellent
No name given
Awesome job. The fan runs great, the controls are installed in a sensible spot, and everything looks neat and tidy. The company gave me a worse-case estimate over the phone, and then the installers worked hard to keep the final bill well below that price. How refreshing, and how unlike so many other service businesses Overall: Excellent
no name given
I called CHC on a Thursday, and they showed up on time the following day on Friday. A very professional young man named Jordan was the rep. He was very competent, unrushed, articulate, explained all of my options, and he quoted me a very reasonable price to install an attic fan. 3 hours later he finished the job, cleaned up, showed me how to operate the unit, and rendered me an exact bill for what he quoted me. A very pleasant experience. Give these folks a call - I am 100% satisfied.
Aurora (Whole House Fan)
We are perfectly satisfied, it’s working fine. Thank you
Aurora 80013 (Powered Vent)
Ryan, The attic fan works great. It’s 100% better than the old system. We also appreciated your conscientious work and thorough clean up.
Parker 80134 (36" fan, exhaust shutter)
Just FYI – the guys were great and very professional. Damn cool air preventing me from enjoying my fan. I got extra cards and have already informed some clients (particularly those with boilers for heat) about this fantastic product!
Monument 80132 (36” fan, 7 vents)
I am extremely happy with the quality and installation of the additional roof vents needed for my whole-house fan. I was especially pleased that they were more than willing to work with me even after I tried to save money by having someone else install a new whole-house fan, rather than lecture me like one of their competitors. I had been working with a handyman to see if he could repair an existing whole-house fan and ended up ordering a new, and much better quality, fan directly from the manufacturer. While installing the new fan, I told the handyman the manufacturer's instructions indicated a need for more ventilation in my attic to accommodate this better quality fan. He shrugged it off and said the new fan should work fine with the existing ventilation since the old one did. I called CHC & one of their competitors to ask their advice; they both install whole-house fans by the manufacturer of the one I had purchased. Kristen, with CHC, was more than willing to discuss my situation and confirmed my need for additional ventilation. She was able to provide me with an estimate over the phone and told me she would ask the installation team to take a look at the job my handyman had done to make sure the fan had been installed correctly. When I told her I needed to get approval from my HOA before having the additional roof vents installed she was able to provide me with the materials I needed to submit for approval. Upon learning they were 3 weeks out on scheduling, I asked if we could schedule the job for the day after the next scheduled meeting of my HOA board and, again, Kristen said no problem. I did call a couple other roofing contractors to get additional estimates on installing roof vents so I could compare their pricing to CHC. I found CHC not only quoted me a better price but they also offered larger vents which would mean fewer of them to install, fewer holes in my roof, and less cost overall. The installation team showed up on time, did a great job installing the new vents, and cleaned up any mess they made both inside and out. They were happy to discuss placement of the vents and answer any questions I had. They looked over the job the handyman did installing the new fan and said everything looked fine. I appreciate that they did not try to sell me a service I did not need or fix something that wasn't broken, instead they went above and beyond to help me resolve a difficult situation. Overal=A,Price=A, Quality=A, Responsiveness=A, Punctuality=A, Professionalism=A
Parker 80134 (4 vents)
They were super easy to deal with. I think they are a good group guys, and I’d recommend them to others. Overal=A,Price=A, Quality=A, Responsiveness=A, Punctuality=A, Professionalism=A
Conifer 80433 (36” fan, 8 vents)
Thanks, I am already enjoying the fan and the insulation. Jordan, Michael and Craig were all terrific. Craig was especially helpful in explaining the rationale behind what they were doing. You've got some impressive and kind people.
Denver 80231 (Insulation)
CHC Installed a fan in my house yesterday. They answered all my questions, were extremely friendly and did top notch work. I would definitely use them again and have recommended them to my family and friends.
Colorado Springs 80921 (36” fan, 9 vents)
I had a great experience with Colorado Home Cooling right from the start when making my appointment and explaining our issue with an existing whole house fan. Ryan and Ryan were on time, very knowledgeable and very professional. They made some much needed repairs to our unit and added to new roof vents all within 1 hour. The bill was only $373.00. Our hardly-used, broken-down whole house fan now works great! It is reassuring in these times where it seems service companies don't know and don't care about anything except for getting paid, that there are in fact, companies that do exist that take pride in their work and have a great product. We will difinintely recommend CHC to our friends and neighbors. Thanks again Ryan for a job well done! Denise
Denver 80237 (3 vents)
CHC guys were just here today to install a whole house fan for me. My attic was horribly under ventilated and the guys added 10 new vents and installed a 36 inch fan. It is awesome! The guys were super clean and neat and did an excellent job. I would recommend them to anyone!
Erie 80516 (36” fan, 10 vents)
We think that they did a great job!
Golden 80403 (36” fan, 7 vents)
Our 28 year old whole house fan stopped working overnight during the recent heat wave. Kristen gave us several hints for troubleshooting possible problems, then took us through a checklist of what would be needed to completely replace the fan if it couldn't be repaired. She patiently answered our questions and within hours sent an email quote for 2 alternatives complete with a description and price for each line item. As it turned out, the problem was a broken fan belt, so we did not need to replace it. We cancelled our appointment & were told that our information would be kept on file. We've already recommended the company to a a friend who is considering a whole house fan! Overall=A, Price=N/A, Quality=N/A, Responsiveness=A, Punctuality=N/A, Professionalism=A
Broomfield 80020 (Possible Service Call)
I'd like to commend both Jordan and Homer on their service and professionalism. They were both terrific and friendly! Our new fan is working very well, as long as I open at least two windows. Learned that quick! Thanks for your quick and efficient service. I researched 5 other companies with various fan options. So glad I went with Colorado Home Cooling. Lee was very helpful via email and phone, when I had questions. Here's to a cooler summer,
Erie 80516 (30” fan, 3 vents)
They took out our old attic fan and put in a new attic fan in a different location. They had to move our hall light. There was a hole in the ceiling and they helped cover it up. We were not happy with the fan we choose, so we ended up calling him and having them switch it out and they didn’t even charge us for this. We were so pleased with everything about them. They were very nice and cleaned up everything afterwards. They were on time, they had a fair price, and their workmanship was very good. Their customer service was fabulous. They also gave us some very good recommendations. We have recommended them as well to other people.
Arvada 80004 (36” fan)
After checking out all available providers, selected CHC to provide a whole house fan. I found my entire experience with this company to be highly professional. installation solid and service nothing short of outstanding. After install, noticed a hum from motor that at first found disconcerting but later became 'white noise'. I thought that 'whisper quiet' meant that the noise from the fan was no louder than a whisper. I later discovered that this was a term used by the manufacturer denoting that one could stand beneath the fan, whisper and be understood by another. Overall, I am delighted with the fan, its operation and like many others wish I had done this years ago. Overall=A, Price=B, Quality=A, Responsiveness=A, Punctuality=A, Professionalism=A
Centennial 80122 (36” fan, 5 vents)
Ryan – just a quick not to say how pleased we are with the attic fan. Jordan was great – he was efficient, knowledgeable, professional and even cleaned up his mess I will defiantly recommend your services to any of my neighbors. Thanks a bunch!
Evans 80620 (30” fan, 4 vents)
Thanks Ryan for the professional way that you run your business. Your expertise, great product and service I have already recommended to some other people. I am looking forward to the heat ! Jon
Aurora 80010 (30” fan, 5 vents)
I am very pleased with the work Craig and Michael performed today during the installation of our 30" Whole House Fan. They were on time, did a thorough assessment of our situation, were very professional, gave us a complete tour of how the fan works, and cleaned up. The fan is very quiet! I cannot hear it at all from my office on the first floor, and I don't think there would be any issue entertaining guests in our finished attic even while the fan is on high speed! It happens to be a cool day today, so I the jury is out on the actual temperature impact, but you can definitely feel the cool air moving up from the basement. I'll give you an update when it gets a bit hotter later in the week, but so-far, we are thrilled. Thanks,
Windsor 80550 (30” fan, 5 vents)
This company did exactly what they said they would do. They installed the fan professionally, When I had a problem they resolved it immediately. I love my fan and how it cools the house down while saving money since I barely have to use the air conditioner now. Thanks!
Aurora 80014 (30” fan, 3 vents)
I just wanted to take a few minutes and convey my Thank You for the recent installation that was performed on my home. It has been 2 weeks since Craig and Jordan installed a 30" fan and 6 vents in my home and I could not be more pleased. I contacted you via e-mail and was contacted the next morning by Craig. We had a brief conversation concerning my needs and that was followed up by a visit the next day. Craig is and was very professional and took great strides to explain my current ventilation situation and what he felt was the best avenue for helping cool my older 2-story home. Craig was able to quickly make an appointment for me the following day to perform the installation. Craig and Jordon showed up promptly on time and commenced to do the installation very quickly and with precision, had it completed in short time. I would like to thank Craig and Jordon for their efforts and their professionalism. The system works tremendously well and my wife and I couldn't be more pleased. I would and will recommend your company at any opportunity that may arise.
Littleton 80122 (30” fan, 6 vents)
Great service and quick install. Good accurate estimate. Overcame some logistical challenges with our trusses. We are loving the fact that our house is so much cooler without having to have our air conditioner on constantly. Works like a charm. Wish we had done this a few summers ago, we will be saving a bunch on electricity and sleeping cooler. Whole install was about 4 hours. Overall=A, Price=A, Quality=A, Responsiveness=A, Punctuality=A, Professionalism=A
Longmont 80503 (36” fan, 5 vents)
Everything went smoothly! Jordan and Homer arrived right on time, actually a few minutes early. They worked extremely hard and completed the job within a few minutes of the quoted time frame. I was very impressed with their friendliness, professionalism, and the quality of their work, and they even cleaned up before they left. I'm very happy with my new fan. It was perfect timing because the weather is starting to get warmer and I'm looking forward to having a more energy efficient way to cool my house rather than having to use my old window A/C unit again.
Arvada 80005 (30” fan, 4 vents)
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