Skylight Replacement

Skylights affected by hail damage, aging plastic and sun damage leave your home unprotected from the elements. Replacing damaged skylights protects your home from anything Colorado weather has in store. We are Colorado's first choice for Velux skylight replacements, earning 5-Star designation for our un-matched customer service. 

Skylight Replacement

Replace broken, damaged and aging skylights with industry-leading technology from Colorado Home Daylighting! Our VELUX Skylights offer the highest-recommended, top-rated glass: Clean, Quiet & Safe. This state-of-the-art, energy conserving glass is designed to protect your home from the elements for years to come.

VELUX Skylights
The Safest Glass to Live Under

VELUX Curb-Mounted Skylights are available with VELUX's most-recommended, top-rated glass: Clean, Quiet & Safe. 


VELUX Skylights stay cleaner longer with Neat® glass coating. 


VELUX Skylights reduce unwanted outside noise by up to 25% compared to a standard double pane glass, and up to 59% compared to plastic skylights.


Unlike tempered, VELUX CQS glass does not shatter into pieces when cracked, and less susceptible to hail damage.

Skylight Replacements That Last
Skylight Replacements That Last

Replace your skylights with the safest glass to live under

Velux Fresh Air Skylights
Velux Fresh Air Skylights

Better ventilation and more daylight with Velux Fresh Air Skylights

Solar Skylights Save More
Solar Skylights Save More

Velux solar skylights are energy efficient and earn a 26% Federal Tax Credit

Skylight Replacements That Last
Skylight Replacements That Last

Replace your skylights with the safest glass to live under


VELUX Skylights 

More Efficiency

VELUX Glass Skylights provide 65% more reduction in heat build up than plastic skylights, and meet ENERGY STAR approval guidelines. 

Lower Energy Costs

LowE coated glass could save you up to $28 per month on home cooling related energy costs. Plastic skylights allow excessive heat gain, adding strain to your cooling systems and increasing energy costs.

Industry-Leading Warranties

VELUX curb-mounted glass skylights come with an industry-first, 10-year "No Leak" installation warranty as well as a 10-year hail damage warranty.

No Leak Promise

VELUX Curb-mounted skylights are quality tested, backed by a 10-year glass warranty and 10-year product warranty. 

Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass

With state-of-the-art technology, VELUX Skylights stay cleaner longer, maintain indoor temperatures, reduce outside noise, and keep you safe.

Rain Sensors

VELUX Skylights equipped with integrated rain sensors close automatically when inclement weather approaches.

Fresh Air

VELUX Fresh Air Skylights promote better indoor air quality and ventilation, essential to create a healthier, happier home environment. 

26% OFF Your Entire Install!

Ask us how to save an additional 26% on your sun tunnel installation with a Federal Solar Tax Credit — more than $200 in additional savings!

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Colorado Skylight Replacement

Colorado is known for hail storms, wind and and other extreme weather that can damage your skylights, especially if the skylights are made of aging glass or old plastic domes.


Our installers are experts, with more than 20 years of experience in skylight, attic, and roof repairs all along the front range. All CHCD installers are employees — not independent contractors other dealers use. We walk you through every phase of the skylight replacement process and treat your home with same care and attention we give to ours.

First, your technician will go on to your roof to take measurements and check for additional damage around your existing skylight. The majority of the skylight replacement work will occur on your roof.

Back inside, your technician will ensure the fit of your new skylight, seal the seams, and finish any needed cosmetic repairs, finalizing your VELUX Skylight replacement!





Velux Solar Skylights

26% Solar Tax Credit


VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights feature a solar panel that captures available daylight and uses it to recharge a highly efficient, fully concealed battery powered operator and control system. This operator is the power source that opens and closes the skylight, negating the need for electrical wiring during installation.

Under the Emergency Stabilization and American Recovery and Reinvestment Acts, homeowners can receive a 26% federal tax credit on the purchase and installation of home improvement products using renewable energy.


All VELUX Skylights with Go Solar, VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights, and VELUX Solar Powered Blinds qualify for a 26% Federal Tax Credit when purchased and installed  before December 31, 2021.

Save HUNDREDS on your Skylight replacement with Colorado Home Daylighting!

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VELUX Fresh Air Skylights


Benefits of Natural Light

1 Boosts vitamin D & B, immune system response, cognition, and more

2 Creates a greener, more sustainable home using the power of the sun

3 Brightens indoor spaces promoting better focus and productivity during work and school

4 Reduces glare and eye strain caused by artificial lighting and electronic screens

5 Beautifies indoor living spaces better than incandescent light