solar attic fans and gable fans

Solar attic fans and powered vents are a great addition to your home, making it greener and cooler anytime the sun shines


Beyond the current cost savings...

1 Many of the same advantages as a hard-wired attic fan

2 Protects your roof from excessive heat damage

3 Saves on your AC bill as the sun's rays automatically remove hot air from your attic

4 Incredibly quiet operation, as they don't run at night (unless an inverter is used) 

5 Your home is greener and closer to net-zero!

Solar products do have drawbacks, naturally, because they are driven sustainably by the sun.  A hard-wired power vent or gable vent may be more powerful, but they can create more noise and draw on your existing circuits.

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through end of 2020

Our solar-powered attic ventilation products may qualify for a Federal Tax Credit. Refer to the “Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit (Part I)” and the “Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit (Part II)” of IRS Form 5695. Although attic ventilation products are not specifically listed they may qualify for a credit.

Please download IRS Form 5695 for additional details.

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standard solar attic fan

Tried and true

Traditional Solar Attic Fans can provide 800 or 1,820 cubic feet per minute of airflow when gathering peak sunlight.  A great, cost-effective solution, these fans run anytime in direct sunlight.

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quietcool solar attic fans

The premium option

Pulling 996 or 1,092 cubic feet per minute of hot attic air, these advanced fans have computer balanced blades and a highly efficient motor.  The motor and solar panel are warrantied for 15 years. 

quietcool solar gable fans

The QuietCool powerhouse

Moving 1,320 or 1,486 cubic feet per minute, these are the more powerful alternative to rooftop fans.  In many cases, we can install a gable in your existing wall, creating the perfect solution for tile roofs or those with limited available rooftop space.

solar gable fans

The more discreet alternative

Standard solar gable fans leverage existing gable vents and provide just as much cooling power, providing 800-1600 cubic feet per minute of airflow during peak hours of sunshine. These carry a 10-year manufacturer warranty. 

Solar inverter.jpg
solar inverter

Solar power by day, normal power by night

Each QuietCool Solar Attic Fan comes with an AC/DC Inverter that allows your Solar Attic Fan to transition from solar power to electric power as soon as the sun goes down. This innovative solution to nighttime cooling allows our fans to accomplish something other attic fans can not; the ability to keep your attic and home cool 24/7.

Thermal Switch.jpg
Optional thermostat control

Prolong the life of your fan

Attaches to the attic fan motor designed to turn on the natural light solar attic fan when the temperature in the attic reaches approximately 80°F. The thermal switch will turn off the motor when the temperature in the attic reaches 70°F.  This ensures the fan will only run during key, warm days in the winter.