Triangle Engineering Traditional Whole House Fans by CHC

CHC has been an Authorized Triangle Engineering Dealer since 2003.  Triangle fans are proudly made in the USA.  They move a large volume of air through your home and are built to last for decades.  Traditional whole house fans provide the quickest return on your investment and greatest value to our customers. 

We have a Triangle  fan for every home!  Find the size of your home (as measured in above ground square footage) in the following table to determine your best fan options.  Then match this fan with the ventilation recommendation from Triangle to see how many vents are likely to be needed to create your whole house fan system.   Please note that for larger homes, traditional fans – which move up to 12,000 CFM – provide the best value in home cooling.

Contact us – we can create an initial estimate that is tailored to your unique home, and then make an appointment in your home in which we can confirm the initial estimate and final details, and install the whole house fan system of your choice.


Traditional Triangle Whole House Fans by CHC

Home Size
(Square Feet above Ground)
Max Airflow
in Cubic Feet
per Minute (cfm)

Price for Fan

Total Attic Ventilation

Likely Number of
Vents Added to
Complete Fan System

Job Total *

1,200 – 2,500 sq feet
8-9 sq feet
net free airflow
6 – 7
$2,210 to
$2,320 *
2,000 – 3,500 sq feet
10-12 sq feet
net free airflow
$2,530 to
$2,640 *
3,500 and more sq feet
14-16 sq feet
net free airflow
$3,170 to
$3,280 *
* We also offer the 30″ and 36″ whole house fans with 1/2 hp motors to provide more airflow.  We have a wide variety of fans to match the needs of your unique home!


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