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sun tunnels

Sun tunnels (also known as solar tubes, sun pipes or tubular skylights) are a simple and cost-effective way to brighten even the smallest spaces in your home with sustainable, natural daylight. We are Colorado's first choice for Velux Sun Tunnel installations and skylight replacements, earning 5-Star designation for our un-matched customer service and installations.

Sun Tunnel Skylights

pure dayLight With No Color Shift

A high-impact dome installed on the roof captures light and sends it through the highly reflective sun tunnel, bringing pure, natural daylight into your home without color distortion.

Pivoting Tunnel System

An adjustable pitch adapter allows easy tunnel installation on any roof and captures more direct light from the sun.

HIGH QUALITY natural lighting

The VELUX connection system cuts sun tunnel installation time in half, while the highly reflective material delivers the highest quality daylight into the space below.

Even LIGHT diffusion

Choose from three different diffuser options to go with your VELUX Sun Tunnel: Frosted, Prismatic or Fresnel. All Sun Tunnel Skylights are equipped with a frosted diffuser. 

Up to $1,100 off
Your Installation!

Save up to $1,100 on your installation when you bundle home cooling and daylighting products!

VELUX Sun Tunnels


Rigid sun tunnels allow sunlight to channel down the tube from roof to ceiling, bringing light into your upper level directly. Rigid sun tunnels are the best option when you have ample clearance from your roof to attic. 


Flexible sun tunnels allow smooth installation when there is a small distance, obstructions in the roof space, or other variables. Flexible sun tunnels can be installed up to a recommended length of 6m. 

Why Choose Sun Tunnels

benefits of natural light

1. Sun Tunnels deliver all the benefits of natural daylight for less than the cost of traditional skylights 

2. Tubular skylights create a greener, more sustainable home using the power of the sun

3. Sun Tunnels brighten indoor spaces promoting better focus and productivity during work and school

4. Natural daylight reduces glare and eye strain caused by artificial lighting and electronic screens

5. Sun Tunnels transform indoor living spaces better than incandescent light

Your Solar tax credit


Under the Emergency Stabilization and American Recovery and Reinvestment Acts, homeowners can receive a 26% federal tax credit on the purchase and installation of home improvement products using renewable energy.


All VELUX Skylights with Go Solar, VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights, VELUX residential rigid Sun Tunnel® with the solar night light, and VELUX Solar Powered Blinds qualify under “Solar Electric Property” expenditures when purchased and installed from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2021.

The CHCD Difference

Sun Tunnel REviews

laundry sun tunnels.jpg

"The sun tunnels have added so much light and look really cool. we also love the nightlight feature on them which gives a nice soft glow at night as well. CHC has been responsive, reasonably priced, timely and polite with each installation."  

— Isabel, Homeowner

Sun Tunnel Installation

VELUX Sun Tunnels are cheaper and easier to install than traditional skylights, making them the most cost-effective way to bring natural light into your home. Our installers are experts, with more than 20 years of experience in attic, roof and interior alterations.


All CHCD installers are employees — not independent contractors other dealers use. We will walk you through every phase of the Sun Tunnel installation process and treat your home with same care and attention we give to ours.



First, your installer will go into the attic to check rafter locations, take measurements, and mark off where the ceiling and roof holes will go.


Up on the roof, your installer will cut a hole and install the top collar, the upper portion of the sun tunnel, lens, and flashing. This hole will later be connected to the lower portion.


Back inside, we will install the lower portion of the sun tunnel, seal the seams, and place the diffuser and trim ring in the ceiling, finalizing your sun tunnel installation!

Sun tunnel applications

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Transform kitchens, bathrooms and other livings spaces with refreshing natural daylight.

Closets & Hallways

Bring dark closets and hallways into the light without the need for overhead light fixtures.

Laundry & Utility Rooms

Add mood-boosting sunlight to laundry rooms, offices and other poorly lit working spaces.

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