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Colorado Home Cooling & Daylighting is your #1 choice for both QuietCool and Triangle Comfort whole house fans. We pride ourselves on finding the best home cooling solutions for you no matter what, offering unbiased information about all your fan and roof ventilation options.

The Fan

The first step in creating the perfect whole house fan system for your home is to choose the correctly sized fan. We recommend installing a fan that provides 3 CFM (cubic feet per minute) for every square foot above ground in your home. Providing adequate airflow allows the fan to achieve a complete air exchange in the home in approximately 3 minutes, creating a cool, comfortable environment. Whole house fans can serve as your primary home cooling system or in tandem with your current AC unit — cutting your AC usage by up to 90%!

We carry products from industry-leading manufacturers:  



Ventilation is a key component of every whole house fan system, and manufacturers require it as part of the installation.

The most efficient whole house fan systems match the ventilation in the attic to the airflow from the fan. We recommend a minimum of 1 square foot (144 sq. in.) of net free air (sfnf) ventilation for every 1,000 cfm of air moved by the fan. Most homes need additional ventilation to complete the installation of a whole house fan system.


We install all-metal oversized (144 sq in of net free) roof vents to complete your system with a variety of makes and models to suit your home. For homes with tile or metal roofs, we will install venting in the existing soffits or gables of your home.


CHCD's installation process saves you time and money, without any headaches or surprises. Our installers are employees — not independent contractors used by other dealers. Since our first job in 2003, we've installed thousands of whole house fans systems and counting!

We stand by our work and include a one-year warranty with every install.

Repair and service

All our fans come with a 15-year factory warranty. If anything goes wrong, give us a call and we'll send a tech right away. CHCD can repair and service any whole house or attic fan with a rigorous 15-point inspection and cleaning to extend the life of your system.


We are dedicated to providing fast, thorough service to keep your system running for years to come.

Contact us today to learn more about the best whole house fan system for your home.

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How it works

When the outside air temperature is cooler than inside your home or attic, do the following:

1 Open a few windows 4-6 inches

2 Turn on your whole house fan using the switch, portable remote, or timer

3 Feel a nice, cool breeze as air passes through your home, replacing all the stale, trapped air 

4 Experience a complete air exchange in your home in just 3-4 minutes

5 Save money as warm air is expelled from your attic, keeping your home comfortable for hours and cutting cooling-related energy use by up to 90%

Did You Know: While some choose to benefit from running their whole house fan system during cooler times in the morning and evening, because of Colorado's cool, dry climate you can use your whole house fan system even in the peak of the day almost year-round! A whole house fan and attic ventilation can even increase the efficiency of your A/C or evaporative cooling system, too!

Home ventilation matters

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Additional Notes:

  • Please call, email or fill out the online form so that we can create an initial estimate – we pride ourselves on providing an accurate and comprehensive initial estimate that is customized for your specific home and cooling needs.

  • By gathering information about your home before we arrive on-site and first developing an initial estimate from our office, we are able to save you time and money.

  • Our pricing includes all the framing, drywall, roof and electrical work required to complete the fan installation according to the fan, shutter, and vent manufacturers’ specifications.

  • For homes with high and vaulted ceilings, we recommend a fan that moves more than 3cfm/sf (as there is a greater volume of air in the home to be moved).

  • All of our whole house fans are installed with wall-mounted controls that include a timer and high/low switch.

  • Remote control options are available for all whole house fans – please inquire.

  • Oversize roof vents (each OS vent provides 1 sq foot of net free ventilation) and can be painted to match your roof color.

  • We have additional charges for installing vents on steep roofs (8:12 pitch and greater).

  • We can install Soffit Vents and Vertical Exhaust Shutters to provide ventilation for homes with metal or tile roofs.

  • We have additional charges for plaster walls, lead paint containment, high and sloped ceilings, and vertical installations.

  • Your final pricing will be given on-site prior to the start of work.  This final price will not increase, even if we encounter unforeseen issues during the installation of the fan system.

  • We stand by our work and provide a written warranty at the time of installation.

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