winterizing your whole house fan

Reduce noise from pressure changes in windy conditions and prevent heat loss in the winter by easily installing a winter insulation insert in your whole house fan.  Designed for a solid airtight seal and reduced thermal transfer, these upgrades allow you to winterize your whole house fan without climbing into the attic.

quietcool pro models


For QuietCool fans, vacuum-packed insulated dense foam is the fastest and most effective solution for your QuietCool Trident or Stealth fan.

  • Custom-fit for your size fan

  • Weighs just 1.5-3.5 pounds

  • Installation with no tools in seconds

  • Eco-Insulator increases damper box to R-10 insulation value

    • Reduces up to 90% of heat transfer vs no insulation in some climates​

    • Reduces damper door noise in windy conditions

  • Advanced Insulator adds increases damper box to R-45 insulation value

traditional fan models

Traditional winter insert

Winterizing traditional fans has always been an arduous task, requiring retro-fitting solutions inside the attic.  Not anymore.  Our traditional fan shutter covers are aesthetically pleasing and easy to install without going into the attic.  


  • Custom-fit for your size fan

  • Weighs ~8-13 pounds

  • Special hook and latch design keeps panel tight against the shutter edges

  • Installation with no tools in seconds

  • Provides R-9 insulation value, often providing 80% or more of the effectiveness of your existing insulation

  • Reduces louver noise on in windy conditions

tired of letting hot air out and cold air in?