Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Next Home Project

Updated: Jul 6

Your choice of contractor can make or break any home improvement project — don't be left with any regrets! From simple handyman services to more extensive home remodels, choosing the right contractor is the best way to make sure your money's well-spent and the results meet your expectations.

There are many factors one can consider when choosing a contractor for any home project including price, availability, reputation, and more. But with a wide array of contractors all vying for your business, where do you even start?

Trust Your Instincts

According to Popular Mechanics, the best way to begin selecting a contractor for your next project is to "go with your gut." Depending on the project, your contractor will be spending days, weeks and maybe even months in and around your home, amongst your family, pets, and possessions. As Tony LaPelusa, former president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry told PM, "you have to trust your contractor 100 percent, not 95 percent." If at any point a prospective contractor gives you reason to question their integrity, it's best to move on to the next one.